Ruby on Rails Engineer – work with Agile Manifesto co-author

Java / Rails / DevOps Openings

Job Description

We’re not developing simplistic apps… And you would be part of our ~12-person dev team.

Intelliquip develops web apps for engineering procurement contractors (specifiers) and manufacturers of complex, engineered-to-order, fluid handling equipment (e.g., pumps, compressors) to select, configure, price, and quote, and process orders for their products.

Work with our fun team — that includes one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto — to help chart the course for a brave new world of new applications to meet our growing demand for modern, clean, awesome UX.

We have new web apps (Rails) that provide a collaborative workspace for customers to work across the value chain. We have a legacy Java web app that handles the hard-core pump hydraulics techno-magic: advanced selection, configuration, and quoting.

This combination will allow us to more fully concentrate on building a responsive web app to expand our offerings, while leveraging the powerful legacy app. So if you know your way around good Restful API design and helping Java devs architect their way to some greater design, that’s a plus!

We are looking for awesome software engineers with:

  • A passion for being a professional software craftsman
  • Strong problem-solving skills, able to adapt to a wide variety of challenges
  • The ability to generate high-quality, well-architected solutions
  • Someone who understands domain modeling, and object-oriented principles
  • The knack for staying on the leading edge of modern web app development techniques
  • Outgoing and confident  personality,
    • able to work in a team environment
    • knows clean code techniques
    • happy to pair and do pull request reviews
    • willing to have fun debating architecture and alternative designs (but not ad infinitum :-))
  • A nut about test-driven development and behavior-driven development (or willing to be guided)

Skills & Requirements

Responsibilities include

  • Help build out new products using Ruby, Rails, HTML5, JS, etc.
    • MongoDB is also being used on the Rails side, Postgres on Java side
  • Redesign and enhance existing complex Java applications to address new requirements or code maintenance / refactoring / bugs (the usual)
  • Perform thorough testing of all code changes via BDD/TDD
  • Provide assistance, direction and mentoring to junior developers as appropriate

Relevant Technologies:

  • Ruby/Rails/MongoDB stack
  • Javascript, CSS, SASS, HTML5
  • Behavior- and Test-Driven Development (cucumber, rspec)
  • Responsive web design; e.g., Zurb Foundation
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • AWS

Though we anticipate the successful applicant to have a few years of successively growing experience, we are not averse to the “wunderkind” with a great aptitude and attitude!

We prefer someone to be close enough to meet with/work in our slick new office in beautiful Bethlehem, PA.

About Intelliquip

See our company profile page:

Suffice to say, walking distance to Fegley’s Brew Works is not a bad thing.  The Annual Music Fest is where we head for lunches and music during the August timeframe.  In December, Bethlehem is understandably known as “Christmas City.” Seeing buildings from the 1600s and 1700s all decorated with lights, and hearing the carriage rides as they clip-clop along outside our office, is very cool (especially if you like historical buildings).


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