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can you code this?

I was doing tech support for a good friend… seems an email message in Outlook Express would cause the app to freeze. Move to it, and BAM. So, deleting it outright was out of the question. Even archiving the email would cause it to freeze. Mind you, other messages from this sender were fine.

So I thought of a clever way. I created a rule for the sender and the subject, and selected the action to delete the message. Told the app to execute the rule. Guess what? Yeah, it froze again. With the blank outline of the rule execution progress dialog up in all its blank-stare glory.

My response as a professional software person? Besides embarrassment for our entire industry, I said “I don’t think I could code this as a feature if I had to.” (Of course, we all know we could do something clever like “If message number 10959 arrives, freeze app’s UI message handler.”

So, could you code this behavior? Have you ever found yourself expressing such wonderment at amazingly bizarre program behavior?

Mac Conversion

I am enjoying working on my new MacBookPro after nothing but windows machines, a half dozen dell laptops, etc.

What is really cool, besides stuff just working, is the ease with which I can do development work. The Mac OSX makes it seamless to switch back and forth with the linux server. Most useful!

Getting back on the windows laptop is still familiar territory, but I already find my fingers in the wrong places.

Yeah, the Mac’s weirdness surrounding Control, Option, and Command modifier keys, could stand to have someone bonked on the head with a rubber mallet .

Deja Vu

A good friend of mine, Chris Lank, from TogetherSoft days, is now the CEO of Ivis, proud creators of xProcess. He’s piqued my interest lately (well, not *that* way)!

This looks very much along the lines of a process/workflow dream/vision i have held for years (and implemented independently from them to a beta stage). Ever since working on developing IBM’s (as of 1995) next-gen Manufacturing Execution System, ideas have swirled around how to break the log-jam of classic project management solutions for processes that don’t lend themselves well to simple Gantt charts.

I’ll have to poke around more on their site and talk to my old TS pals that are there. This tutorial looks like a good start…

Welcome Back

As many of you may have guessed, I decided to go off and do my own thing. Compuware was fun and I really enjoyed the folks I got to work with on a daily basis.

So now i will work to help teams be more pragmatic; consult on architecture, work with project teams, help with implementation, mentor on lightweight development processes, etc. Basically, figure out the next thing i want to be when i grow up ;=) I even have a novel that i want to write!

My blogs from the past year can still be found here

I’m going to resume blogging, thanks for your patience ;=)

— jon kern

ps: thanks to the little butterfly that kept waiting for my next blog entry