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I love traveling with my wife & family, mountain climbing, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, beer, wine, food, car track days and autocross, photography.

Jon Kern is a developer, software architect, and team leader/coach that keeps the people and the business in sharp focus. Aerospace engineer-turned software expert, co-author of Agile Manifesto for Software Development and Java Design. Jon helps develop mission-critical software. His insights are critical factors in producing solutions with significant impact to business value, quality, budget, and schedule. He brings experts from around the world to work on the project team as needed. Jon engages with the client’s developers and mentors them on agile and distributed development processes, techniques, & tools. But more importantly, Jon leaves behind a team that is much more valuable to the company.

In brief:

  • Aerospace Engineer by training
  • Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Generalizing Specialist
  • Co-author Agile Manifesto & Java Design
  • ENTP 🙂


  • Product Owner, Architect, Developer at Fireplanning Associates (current)
  • Strategic Projects, Intelliquip.com
  • Freelance Consulting
  • VP Engineering at Axial Exchange, a healthcare sart-up (1y 9m)
  • Model-Driven Evangelist for Compuware’s OptimalJ (3 yrs)
  • One of the initial VPs, Mentor, Product Visionary at TogetherSoft (3 yrs)
  • President/co-founder at Lightship, Inc. (5 yrs active)
  • Flight simulation, etc., Aero Systems Program Manager at Veda (a DoD contractor) (9.5 years)
  • Jet Engine R&D, Engineer, at Naval Air Propulsion Center (4.5 years)

You can find more at my LinkedIn profile.

ps: The mountain range banner is from my (successful) ascent of the Matterhorn in  August 2009. I snapped the shots as we rose above the clouds and the sun had risen. It was exhilirating!