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Zurb Magellan Navigation

Love the Zurb Foundation stuff. Love that they freely open-source these cool tools and provide documentation to the community. So, it is hard to complain about “free.” But, in the spirit of community, I think our frustration is often due to being excited about trying out a new, cool, thing, and getting bummed out when running into small roadblocks. (Especially for me, a hacker, who is not really qualified to jump in and discover some crazy cascading javascript or CSS explanation for the odd behavior.)

The disjointed and terse example on the Magellan docs page does leave one asking for more details.

Disjointed example:

  • Arrivals (build, js)

  • Destinations (arrival, destination)



I had a great deal of trouble to get the nesting correct on my page that also included the topbar element. There seemed to be conflicts with having the topbar being contain-to-grid and fixed.

From what I have gleaned by looking at the page source and doing a lot of trial and error (:boom:), I got something to work “good enough” (as I got tired of the trial and error):

  • In one div, define the arrivals
  • Later in the page, define the matching destinations
  • And fiddle around with divs, nesting, classes, until it works the way you like

An example in haml (sorry for not doing it in HTML, but this is ripped from an app I am writing — modified slightly for this post):

- structure_elements = %w(Access Interior Roof Shutoff Drain FloorPlan SiteDetails)
- structure = @structure

%div{"data-magellan-expedition" => "fixed"}
    - structure_elements.each do |element|
      %dd{"data-magellan-arrival" => element}
        = link_to element, "##{element}"
    = link_to, edit_structure_path(structure)
    = link_to fa_icon('pencil'), edit_structure_path(structure)
= render partial: 'photos/photos', locals: {context: structure, preplan: preplan}
- structure_elements.each do |element|
  %a{name: element}
  %h3{"data-magellan-destination" => element}
    = element
    ="#{Faker::Lorem.paragraphs(3).join(' ')}"

I hope this helps :heart_eyes_cat: