Kaminari Paging and Zurb Foundation

I am using Kaminari paging gem and Zurb Foundation 5, and here is what I did to make them work together in HAML fashion:

If you generate the theme (it might not matter which one), for example:

rails g kaminari:views bootstrap

You can see all of the “machinery” in the viewskaminari folder. Here is my “hack” to get Foundations Pagination working with Kaminari:

I tweaked _paginator.html.haml to reflect the Foundation class on the %ul tag:

= paginator.render do

And I tweaked _page.html.haml to reflect Foundations current class (instead of Kaminari’s active class):

%li{class: "#{'current' if page.current?}"}

And then it just worked!

Kaminari and Foundation Paging

Kaminari and Foundation Paging