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Agile Project Management forum got this post:

While on a business trip overseas last week I had an in-promptu meeting with a potential customer during which I explained to them the benefits of Agile. As result the excutives[sic] asked me to send them more info and a proposal. Upon my return to the USA I did so and got a reply from them this morning indicating that they are currently using the “Fast Track” approach to software development. That term is entirely new to me in the context of sw dev.

Before I reply to them with the big question mark, and potentially sounding stupid, I wanted to check if any of you know about it and if so I will highly appreciate a pointer to more information.


I think it is some project management software…

So… might be a bad sign.

You: “We specialize in agile development and find it really helps meet business needs… What type of s/w development processes do you use?”

Potential Client: “Oh, we use The Microsoft Project SDLC Process.”

You: “Oh, I feel my phone buzzing, I gotta take this call. It might be my ‘Management By Magazine’ book editor.”