Miami JUG May 9th

If you happen to be in the area, we’ll have a nice opportunity for a roundtable discussion!

Topics and Speakers:

  • Agile Project Management Techniques by Jon Kern. We will discuss how to consider a simplified agile technique for managing a project, and how to blend it with classic “MS Project” style of management by Gantt chart.

Speakers Bio:

Jon is passionate about helping clients succeed in delivering business value through software development efforts. His varied career has spanned jet engine R&D through centrifuge-based flight simulators, to being an object-oriented evangelist through the 90s and his work with the Agile Manifesto for Software Development in 2001. Many credit him with much of the success that TogetherSoft enjoyed during his tenure with the UML modeling/ development product and the professional mentor group he founded.

Jon works with teams to solve challenging development projects for the stakeholders. From analyzing the approach, to helping provide solutions, to mentoring teams — and all points in between — Jon routinely has significant impact on the projects he works on. Often with a team of experts from his friends at, the small teams of 3-6+ people supply a quick-hit ability to solve problems and deliver results. Projects routinely see high quality solutions in half the time, and typically leave the local team in place, mentored on OO and agile, and excited.