security policy or what?

Here is a post about a software company (that does not need this level of security — they are not doing secret govt work or sensitive corporate work) that has been informed about some new security measures coming along:

  • No cellphones
  • No Internet
  • No USB storage device of any kind (this includes iPods)

This ought to make the software developers happy!

Why bother letting them use the power of the Internet and Google to get their work done better?

Maybe there are some cases where such measures are needed. However, I tend to trust first, rather than act accusingly first. If the company has such little regard for the ethics of their employees, they should fire them all and hire new ones.

Maybe what should be done is have a place where evil employees can go to:

  • Smoke
  • Use cell phones
  • Look up stuff using the web
  • Looking for the fastest way out of that job

If you work in a place like this, you should seriously consider appealing to management to have a sense of sanity and rescind such stupid mandates.

Or better yet… mandate that everyone have encrypted emails and all files must be encrypted. You refuse to email anyone without full encryption. Set up a key server and have everyone create a key, then have a key signing party. So even the smallest and most trivial of communications must be secured with big-time security! If you work with business people or other developers around the world, treat everything as if it is national security — like spies.

Or, just get a job at a better place where you get treated with respect!

Money isn’t everything 😉