Software that works for its user’s “user!”

Out of the blue, I get a call this morning from Eric Theoret — since it shows up as Quebec on my phone, I decide to answer. I have some very good friends and associates in Quebec… It could have been Jean-Claude or Mathieu!

On Sunday, I had placed an internet order with MacMall (I used to do all sorts of business with PCMall with 4 PCs in the house, but now i have 2 iMacs for home and a MacBook Pro as a my development/work laptop).

Eric (an Account Executive) noticed my order and saw that a 1 TeraByte HD was back-ordered. Through his energy and knowledge of various support software, Eric was able to find a HD (which the internet system was unable to locate) and add it into my order. So he called me to tell me…

Eric also mentioned how he gets into work every day before most folks, and puts in some extra time looking over the accounts and seeing what he can do to help. Well, his ability to help was very much appreciated — now i’ll get my stuff sooner.

I must say, I was very impressed:

  • with eric’s personal drive
  • that he proactively found a missing part of my order
  • and that there was good “back office” software at Mac/PCMall to allow Eric to learn about my account (he saw it stemmed from the TogetherSoft days) and really provide quality customer service.

Kudos to Eric and MacMall!

Hope he doesn’t mind, but if you need anything computer-related you can reach him from North America at 1-800-555-MALL ext 8542. Without a lot of fuss or muss, I have always found good prices and selection and quick response from Mac/PCMall… now Eric has raised the bar even further.

As a software development guy, I like to think of the software and integration and workflow that all goes into something as seemingly “simple” as what Eric was able to do.

Think about that next time you design some software… many times the benefactor is twice removed from the user!