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Why Coding is Like Yoga

This has been nagging me for a while… like it is an answer, maybe. I’m curious what you might think.

I have sort of determined that writing code is more like yoga, rock climbing, or mountain climbing. It is mostly personal and all about self discipline. Extrinsic motivation has some measure of effectiveness, but I submit that it is largely intrinsic motivation that makes any of us do what we do.

In yoga, it is all personal. I do “battle” only with myself. If I don’t get as much into or out of a pose, i cheat only my own body. So this is like when I am doing relatively isolated coding work on a project. However, when my body or skills are required to be part of a team, now the cheating of my own self can impact others.

For example, when I am working on bits that touch others’ work (common in coding), it is more like alpineering/mountain/rock/ice climbing. The actions of the other guy(s) on my rope will impact me to a great degree (and vice versa). Fortunately I can work with my close buddy and ensure proper protection and that we are making smart decisions. You see, in mountaineering — like in coding — you constantly need to be evaluating risk, as changes occur every step of the way (literally).

Another parallel to alpineering: My roped team might be fine and dandy and making good progress towards our goal. But believe me, we care a lot about other teams on the same route (for some routes are more crowded than others). Someone else’s carelessness can wipe us right off the mountain. So we are motivated to ensure that other people are safe, or that we are not exposing ourselves to their foolishness. (Ever get “bitten” by someone else’s rotten code?)

In each example, what I do regarding achieving the goal very much depends solely on my commitment to do the right thing. It depends a lot on discipline (hard to always do BDD and not just sling code). It depends a lot on being in good shape and having mental toughness (constantly learning new things surrounding coding). It depends a lot on being able to at once see the big picture (why am I writing this), but also be able to dive deep into the details (down-n-dirty coding).

So, try as we might, there is no way to get around the fact that coding is a individual team sport. Another analogy that might help cement this idea of mine:  coding might be closer to gymnastics “team” competition (with individual performances counting a great deal towards the team’s success) than, say, football (of both kinds).

Get your practice on!