The Website Development Anti-Pattern

I don’t want to come down too hard on the author, he looks like a real nice, friendly guy. Writing a post like this took time, effort, thought, and care — which I applaud.

But when I read this post on Website Development — A Practical Methodology, I had flashbacks to Waterfall-esque DoD projects. Seriously? A phased approach with no partial deliveries, no iterations, no “sneaking up on the solution?”

Is this a post from, like, 1986? A phased approach?

  • “Once everything has been appropriately documented, it is time for the Implementation Phase.”
  • “Once implementation is complete, it is time to test.”
  • “When the testing is complete… you are ready to deploy.”

I humbly submit that you might want to intersperse some of those activities into a more iterative approach to reduce the time and cost of getting things wrong and discovering it late in the phases.

I just checked the date of the post again.

It is 2011.

Someone pinch me.

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